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Iam professor Kovoor Raghavan, decipherer of Indus Brami script and reader of Indus seal text (Burjapetra) and Indus Brami paleographist.
Iam a native of Travancore (Thiruvalla),south kerala ,India(south India),residing now in Thrissur. Iam a retired associate professor of history,having 26 years of government service in teaching history.My special area of study is indology especially Harappan and Vedic ages.
Indus script research is an independent research from 1992 to 2012 CE without the financial assistances from any agency and on continuing research in the reading of Indus seal text.At present 2100 seals are deciphered with complete linguistic reading in barati language (Total number of seals-4000).
Centre for Indus script research,(C.I.S.R) Thrissur,kerala is an independent centre for the decipherment and reading and conducting studies on Indus seals.
Published work-‘The Decipherment of Indus Script-A New Approach’ (2012)
Forth coming work-‘New Indology’

Achievements in the field of Indus script Research

  • Discovery of Indus Brami Alphabets and Barati language.
  • Discovery of the orgin of Harappan saraswati script(Nagari) with girvagvani in the year 2622 B.CEIn Harappan culture.
  • Discovery of the Harappan star calendars with seven kala chakras and Harappan kalpa ganita with four yugas of 10,000 years and Dwapra ganita chakra and raja chakra or surya chakra.
  • Decipherment of phaistos disc and Linear A (linear Brami) texts in Crete-minoan civilization (lipi-Indus brami with Minoan logosigns-language,Barati).
  • Discovery of Eladevi script with tamil language of atri raghu kule in Harappan culture (3645 BCE) and Elamate script (proto elamite )in susa in south Iran(3000 BCE)-an offshoot of Indus brami script.
  • Discovery of bilingual text in Indus seals (Barati and Prakrit).
  • Discovery of ramayane seals of vasista kula.
  • Discovery of seals belong to vedic period or late Harappan period(1902-1725 BCE)
  • Discovery of katapayadu system of recording years in Indus seals (Ajamaka kala chakra).
  • Liberation of Indus script from the theory of arya dravida context and restore it on the context of old saptarshi kula who were the authors of Harappan culture.Indo- European or Indo Aryans Arya-Deva brahmanas led in note and place in Harappan culture.
  • 11. The root of tamil brami script lies in the Eladevi script of Arti rishi kula(3645 BCE)- Eladevi script is a modified script of Indus Brami on the basis of tamil language.Ele-Ela-Eda(tamil(language) dramilakam (land) Dravida (atri rishi kula people).

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