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First and Final Decipherment

My decipherment game ended with double victory that the Discovery of Indus Brami Alphabets and Reading of Indus Seal texts ( Burja patra ). Indus Valley is the home of an oldest phonetic script-Ibrami ( BCE 4067 ).Brami script in Asokan Edicts is the modified form of Indus Brami Alphabets.
The language of Indus Seal is a mixed language of Dramila-Prakritam-Samskritam known as Barati, the language of Great Bharatas and Bharata Varsha. Indus Valley had 5000 years of linguistic evolution that culminated in the rise of Bharati. Vedic language or Girvani stood at the tail end of this evolution. I have solved two fundamental problems in Indology that the origin of Brahmi script of Asokan Edicts and the decipherment of indus Script.